Paraguay and the Alliance Against the Tyrant Francisco Solano Lopez: General Remarks; Reliable Documents
Assassination of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, the Prophet and the Patriarch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: Also, a Condensed History of the Expulsion of the Saints From Nauvoo
Tucson, Arizona
The Oxford Descendents of Gregory Stone of Cambridge, Massachusetts
On the Birds of the Islands of Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire
Black Bess; Or the Knight of the Road: A Tale of the Good Old Times
Surgery, Gynecology Obstetrics
An Introduction to the French Language: Being a Practical Grammar With Exercises
A System of Magick, or a History of the Black Art: Being an Historical Account of Mankind's Most Early Dealing With the Devil; And How the Acquaintance on Both Sides First Begun
Grimm's Law: A Study, or Hints Towards an Explanation of the So-Called "Lautverschiebung'; To Which Are Added Some Remarks on the Primitive Indo-European K and Several Appendices
The Story of the Great War: Diplomatic and State Papers
The History of the Infantry Drill Regulations of the United States Army
Paul and Paulinism
Instructions in Military Signaling: For the Use of the Regular and Volunteer Army, and the Organized Militia of the United States
Elementary Text-Book on Steam Engines and Boilers: For the Use of Students in Schools and Colleges
Practical Orange Culture, Including the Culture of the Orange, Lemon, Lime and Other Citrus Fruits, as Grown in Florida
Art Principles in House, Furniture, and Village Building: An Exposition
Poisonous Proteins: The Herter Lectures for 1916 Given in the University and Bellevue Medical School, New York
Culinary Herbs: Their Cultivation, Harvesting, Curing and Uses
The Ancient History of the East: From the Earliest Times to the Conquest by Alexander the Great; Including Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Media, Persia, Asia Minor, and Phoenicia
The International Photographer: January, 1931
Eleanor: A Novel
The New Law-Dictionary: Containing the Definition of Words and Terms, and Also the Whole Law, and Practice Thereof, &C., Carefully Abridged
The Jews: A Study of Race and Environment
The Car Builder's Dictionary: An Illustrated Vocabulary of Terms Which Designate American Railroad Cars, Their Parts, Attachments, and Details of Construction
Cicero: Select Orations
The Jews of Georgia From the Outbreak of the American Revolution to the Close of the 18th Century
Tyrol and the Tyrolese: The People and the Land in Their Social, Sporting, and Mountaineering Aspects
Vital Statistics: A Discussion of What They Are and Their Uses in Public Health Administration; Supplement No; 12, to the Public Health Reports, April 3, 1914
God's Ordinance, the Saints Privilege: Discovered and Proved in Two Treatises
A Lasting Peace Through the Federation of Europe: And the State of War
Monhegan Island, Maine: A Brief Description of the "Sentinel of New England" For All Who Appreciate the Beautiful and the Picturesque
The Man With the Hoe: And Other Poems
Names of Tax Payers of Hingham, Massachusetts, 1711
Letters of Eliza Wilkinson: During the Invasion and Possession of Charleston, S. C. By the British in the Revolutionary War; Arranged From the Original Manuscripts
Three Wisconsin Cushings: A Sketch of the Lives of Howard Alonzo H. And William B. Cushing, Children of a Pioneer Family of Waukesha County
The Adder's Den, or Secrets of the Great Conspiracy to Overthrow Liberty in America
Post-Biblical History of the Jews: From the Close of the Old Testament, About the Year 420 B.C.E. Till the Destruction of the Second Temple, in the Year 70 C. E
The Founding of Exeter School: A History of the Struggle for Freedom of Education Within the City of Exeter
Cicero on Oratory and Orators: With Notes Historical and Explanatory
The Man Versus the State: Containing "the New Toryism," "the Coming Slavery," "the Sins of Legislators," and "the Great Political Superstition;"
Vegetable Growing
Famous Discoverers and Explorers of America: Their Voyages, Battles, and Hardships in Traversing and Conquering the Unknown Territories of a New World
The History and Principles of the Civil: Law of Rome; An Aid to the Study of Scientific and Comparative Jurisprudence
Waves and Ripples in Water, Air, and Aether: Being a Course of Christmas Lectures Delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain
Stock Exchange Practices
Hatha Yoga: Or the Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being, With Numberous Excercises, Etc
The Hindu Realism: Being an Introduction to the Metaphysics of the Nyaya-Vaisheshika System of Philosophy
Friendly Visiting Among the Poor: A Handbook for Charity Workers
The Morgesons: A Novel
Children's Rhymes, Children's Games, Children's Songs, Children's Stories: A Book for Bairns and Big Folk
Drugging a Nation: The Story of China and the Opium Curse; A Personal Investigation, During an Extended Tour, of the Present Conditions of the Opium Trade in China and Its Effects Upon the Nation
The Axioms of Projective Geometry
Chinese Moral Sentiments Before Confucious: A Study in the Origin of Ethical Valuations
Is There a Hell?
Academy Architecture and Architectural Review
Electric Wiring: For the Use of Architects, Underwriters, and the Owners of Buildings
Problems and Solutions in Elementary Electricity and Magnetism: Embracing the South Kensington Papers for the Years 1885-1894
First Aid Dentistry
Metaphysics of Energy
Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio
The Fox Indians During the French Regime
The Old Club of Detroit, 1912
The Organization of the Texas Revolution
Medford in the Revolution: Military History of Medford, Massachusetts, 1765-1783; Also List of Soldiers and Civil Officers, With Genealogical and Biographical Notes
Gwalior Poems
A Text-Book of Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods: For the Use of Use of Students, Practitioners, and Laboratory Workers
The Buddhism of Tibet, or Lamaism: With Its Mystic Cults, Symbolism and Mythology, and in Its Relation to Indian Buddhism
The Works of Alexandre Dumas: The Count-of Monte Cristo; Illustrated With Drawings on Wood by Eminent French and American Artists
A Narrative of the Life, Experience and Work of an American Citizen
An Historical Defence of the Waldenses or Vaudois, Inhabitants of the Valleys of Piedmont
From Tientsin to Peking With the Allied Forces
The Boy's Account of It: A Chronicle of Foreign Travel by an Eight-Year-Old
Rainbow Memories: Character Sketches and History of the First Battalion 166th Infantry, 42nd Division, American Expeditionary Force
The Tale of the Tulsi Plant, and Other Studies
History Twelfth Massachusetts Volunteers Massachusetts: Webster Regiment
Funny Stories: Told by the Soldiers; Pranks, Jokes and Laughable Affairs of Our Boys and Their Allies in the Great War; The Victories in Their Cheerful Moments
Manual for Teachers: Musical Dictation of Study of Tone and Rhythm
The Way of Christ: Studies in Discipleship
A Woman's Reason: A Novel
Group Dynamics: Principles and Applications
The Melanesians: Studies in Their Anthropology and Folk-Lore
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research
Buddhaghosha's Parables: Translated From Burmese
The Woman Movement
Science and Theology: Their Common Aims and Methods
Motherhood and the Relationships of the Sexes
A Translation of the Four Gospels: From the Syriac of the Sinaitic Palimpsest
Through the Year With Shakespeare
Agriculture for the Common Schools
Woman in Music
The First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England, or a Commentary Upon Littleton, Not the Name of the Author Only, but of the Law Itself
Astronomy, Determination of Time, Longitude, Latitude, and Azimuth
Advertising as a Vocation
The One Strand River: And Other Fairy Tales
A Guide to the Third and Fourth Egyptian Rooms: Predynastic Antiquities
A History of Chemistry
Gentilism: Religion Previous to Christianity
Dynamo, Motor and Switchboard Circuits for Electrical Engineers: A Practical Book Dealing With the Subject of Direct, Alternating, and Polyphase Currents
Modern Etching and Engraving
Therapeutic Suggestion in Psychopathia Sexualis (Pathological Manifestations of the Sexual Sense): With Especial Reference to Contrary Sexual Instinct
Medicinal Plants of the Philippines
Natural History of Animals: Illustrated by Short Stories and Anecdotes; And Intended to Afford a Popular View of the Linnaean System of Arrangement, for the Use of Schools
On the Sensations of Tone: As a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music
Ancient Art and Its Remains: Or a Manual of the Archaeology of Art
Dictionary: Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiastical Parties and Schools of Religious Thought
Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Viru Valley, Peru
The Present State of the Daniel Controversy
The Ore Deposits of South Africa: With a Chapter on Hints to Prospectors; Base Metals
A Monograph of the Sea Snakes
About Jersey Cattle: The Butter Breed
The Colleen Bawn, or the Brides of Garryowen: A Domestic Drama, in Three Acts
Cro-Knitting: The New Art of Worsted Work
Why Crime Does Not Pay
Fifty Reasons for Being a Homoeopath
French Grammar Made Clear: For Use in American Schools
Wet-Fly Fishing Treated Methodically
Roman Art: Some of Its Principles and Their Application to Early Christian Painting
An Interpretation of India's Religious History
Studies in Religious History: Leaders of Christian and Anti-Christian Thought
League of Nations: A Chapter in the History, of the Movement
Around the Wicket Gate, or a Friendly Talk With Seekers Concerning Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
On Passing Off or Illegal Substitution of the Goods of One Trader for the Goods of Another Trader
An American Crusader at Verdun
Critick of Pure Reason
Which Is the Apostolic Church?: An Inquiry at the Oracles of God as to Whether Any Existing Form of Church Government Is of Divine Right
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament in English: With Introductions and Critical and Explanatory Notes to the Several Books
Around the World With General Grant: A Narrative of the Visit of General U. S. Grant
Business Costs
The Design of a Trunnion Bascule Bridge: A Thesis
A Letter of Hope: With a Preface
The South-African Crisis
A Summary of European History From 1815 to 1914
Catalogue of the Coins of the Achaean League: Illustrated by Thirteen Plates Containing 311 Coins
History of Merchantville, Camden County, N. J
Blue Print Reading: Interpreting Working Drawings
The Mystery of Being
Bearings: Design, Friction, Lubrication, Bearing Metals
Roads to Childhood Views and Reviews of Children's Books
Handy Book of Horticulture: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Gardening
Studies in Invalid Occupation: A Manual for Nurses and Attendants
The Education of the Women of India
The Black Buccaneer
Mahabharata Condensed in English Verse
Military Studies
Burma: As It Was, as It Is and as It Will Be
History of Columbia County, New York: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers
Report of the Commissioner of Education: Made to the Secretary of the Interior for the Year 1870; With Accompanying Papers
Narrative of Military Operations, Directed, During the Late War Between the States
History of Slavery in Virginia
Songs of Labor, and Other Poems
The Beautiful Years: A Tale of Childhood
The Joy O' Life: And Other Poems
Romische Alterthumer in und Um Neuwied am Rhein: Mit Grundrissen, Aufrissen und Durchschnitten des Daselbst Ausgegrabenen Kastells, und Darstellungen der Darin Gefundenen Gegenstande
Dunblane Traditions: Being a Series of Warlike and Legendary Narratives, Biographical Sketches of Eccentric Characters, &C
A Corporal's Story: Experiences in the Ranks of Company C, 81st Ohio Vol; Infantry, During the War for the Maintenance of the Union, 1861-1864
The Story of a Cavalry Regiment: Scott's 900 Eleventh New York Cavalry, From the St. Lawrence River to the Gulf of Mexico
Heroes of the Norselands: Their Stories Retold
Buddha: His Life, His Teachings, His Order; Together With the History of the Buddhism
Elementary Cabinetwork: For Manual Training Classes
It Was Marlowe: A Story of the Secret of Three Centuries
The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East: Medieval China
Handicraft for Handy Girls: Practical Plans for Work and Play
Cinderella Picture Book: Containing Cinderella; Puss in Boots; Valentine and Orson
The Samkhya Karikas of Is'vara Krishna: With the Commentary of Gaudapada; Abstract of Thesis
Fairbanks Family Record
Memoir Concerning the French Settlements and French Settlers in the Colony of Rhode Island
Ratner's Up-to-Date Method of Designing: School of Designing, Cutting, Grading and Fitting, for Ladies', Gentlemen's and Children's Garments, Ready Made and Order Made, Also Dressmaking and Furs
Historical Sketch of the Chicago Board of Trade Battery, Horse Artillery, Illinois Volunteers
Letters of the Grand Commander of the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States
Official Souvenir Program: Greenfield (Massachusetts) Sesqui-Centennial, 1753, June 9, 1903
Trapshooting: Points for Novice and Expert, With Hints on Gun Club Organization and a Model Constitution and by-Laws
Art of Brewing
A Narrative of a Light Company Soldier's Service in the 41st Regiment of Foot, During the Late American War: Together With Some Adventures Amongst the Indian Tribes, From 1812 to 1814
A Thrilling Record Founded on Facts and Observations Obtained During Ten Days' Experience With Colonel William T. Anderson, (the Notorious Guerrilla Chieftain)
Siamese Porcelain and Other Tokens
The Cooling of a Gas by Radiation
Whar' the Hand O' God Is Seen, and Other Poems
The Electrical Contractor: Principles of Cost-Keeping and Estimating, Wiring and Illumination Calculations and Other Technical Problems of the Business
The Genesis of the Kansas Nebraska Act
Israel Potter: Fifty Years of Exile
The Triad Society: Or Heaven and Earth
Love's Labour's Lost: Edited by H. C. Hart
Bottom or Float-Fishing
From Jerusalem to Nicaea: The Church in the First Three Centuries
Hindu Religions: An Account of the Various Religious Sects of India
A Dictionary of Photography for the Amateur and Professional Photographer
The Poems and Fragments of Catullus: Translated in the Metres of the Original
Kit Carson: The Pioneer of the West
The Missions and Missionaries of California
Sagas From the Far East, or Kalmouk and Mongolian Traditionary Tales: With Historical Preface and Explanatory Notes
The Claims of Decorative Art
The State of the Soul: Between Death and the Resurrection
An Old Man's Love: A Novel
Elementary Illustrations of the Differential and Integral Calculus
Stray Leaves From Strange Literature: Stories Reconstructed From the Anvari-Sohei li, Baita l Mahabharata
The Modern Greek Language: In Its Relation to Ancient Greek
Archaeology at French Colonial Cahokia
Psychology, Study of Behaviour
Speculation on the New York Stock Exchange: September, 1904 March, 1907
The Line-Engraved Postage Stamps of Great Britain Printed by Perkins, Bacon Co: A History of Their Production During the Forty Years, 1840-1880
A Treatise: On Differential Equations
Trance of Marietta Davis
Successful Women
Psychology: A Short Account of the Human Mind
Schools of Painting
The Sanskrit Buddhist Literature: Nepal
Round the Year in the Garden: A Descriptive Guide to the Flowers of the Four Seasons, and to the Work of Each Month in the Flower, Fruit and Kitchen Garden
Catawba Valley and Highlands: Burke County, Western North Carolina
East Feliciana, Louisiana
Misnaic Hebrew and Its Relation to Biblical Hebrew and to Aramaic: A Grammatical Study
Synopsis of the Marine Invertebrata of Grand Manan: Or the Region About the Mouth of the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
The American Intervention in Haiti and the Dominican Republic: A Report
The Autonomic Nervous System
Psychology: An Elementary
An Appeal on Behalf of the Jews Scattered in India, Persia, and Arabia
The History of Caste in India: Evidence of the Laws of Manu on the Social Conditions in India During the Third Century A. D., Interpreted and Examined; With an Appendix on Radical Defects of Ethnology
Manners Makyth Man
Etiquette for Gentlemen: Or, Short Rules and Reflections for Conduct in Society
Chambers's Etymological Dictionary of the English Language: A New and Thoroughly Revised Edition
An Enumeration of Philippine Flowering Plants
Canning Peaches on the Farm
The Origin of Ancient Names of Countries, Cities, Individuals, and Gods
Argonauts of the Western Pacific: An Account of Native Enterprise, and Adventure in the Archipelagoes, of Melanesian New Guinea
Evolution, Heredity and Eugenics
The Truth About the Secret Treaties
The Moki Snake Dance: A Popular Account of That Unparalleled Dramatic Pagan Ceremony of the Pueblo Indians of Tusayan, Arizona, With Incidental Mention of Their Life and Customs
Texas Literature Reader
The Old Sergeant and Other Poems
An Essay Upon the Versification of Homer, and His Digamma: In Reference Chiefly, but Not Exclusively, to the System of Professor Dunbar
Warren G. Harding the Man
The Faded Flower: And Other Songs and Little Poems
Report on an Exploration of Portions of the at-Ta-Wa-Pish-Kat Albany Rivers: Lonely Lake to James' Bay
The Targum to the Song of Songs: Translated From the Aramaic
Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms: A Descriptive Handbook to Accompany the Author's Colored Chart of Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms
Cervantes and Shakespeare
The Distichs of Cato: A Famous Medieval Textbook, Translated From the Latin, With Introductory Sketch
Babyloniaca: Etudes De Philologie Assyro-Babylonienne
The Harrington Family in America
First Report on the Fruit Experiments at Pusa
Effective Voting: An Article on Preferential Voting and Proportional Representation
Celtic Dialects: Gaelic, Brythonic, Pictish, and Some Stirlingshire Place-Names; Paper Read Before the Gaelic Society of Stirling, March 31st, 1903
Amitabha a Story of Buddhist Theology
St. Patrick's Purgatory: A Mediaeval Pilgrimage in Ireland
Notes on Dental Porcelain: A Practical Treatise Especially Devoted to the Interests of the Beginner
Internal-Combustion Engines: A Review of the Development and Construction of Various Types and Their Economic Superiority for Modern Power Purposes
The Delta Cook Book: A Collection of Tested Recipes
Five Plays: The Gods of the Mountain, the Golden Doom, King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior, the Glittering Gate, the Lost Silk Hat
Sketches of Spanish-Colonial Life in Panama
Good Things: Ethical Recipes for Feast Days and Other Days, With Graces for All the Days
The Kilmarnock Treatise on Curling: 1828
American Railways: The Chesapeake and Ohio Line Late the Virginia Central Line
The East African Slave Trade: And the Measures Proposed for Its Extinction, as Viewed by Residents in Zanzibar
Bee Hunting: A Book of Valuable Information, for Bee Hunters Tell How to Line Bees to Trees, Etc
The Cary Family in America
The Theory of Psychoanalysis
Faith and Reason: An Introduction to Modern Jewish Thought
The Principle of Relativity in the Light of the Philosophy of Science
The St. Joseph-Kankakee Portage Its Location and Use by Marquette, La Salle and the French Voyageurs
Indian Notes and Monographs: Indian Houses Ofac Puget Sound
Ambrose Bierce
Ads and Sales: A Study of Advertising and Selling From the Standpoint of the New Principles, of Scientific Management
Maliseet Vocabulary
Q. Horati Flacci Carminum Librum Quintum: A Rudyardo Kipling Et Carolo Graves Anglice Redditum
Printed Linens and Cottons: Morris and Company Ltd, 449 Oxford Street, London, W. And Merton Abbey, Surrey
The Hygeia Hotel, Old Point Comfort, Va: Harrison Phoebus, Proprietor
The Country About Camp Lee, Virginia
Jean Francois Millet: A Collection of Fifteen Pictures, and a Portrait of the Painter, With Introduction and Interpretation
Stage Illusions Compiled and Edited
Modern Music, Published by the League of Composers, 1924-1946: An Analytic Index
A Common-Sense Method of Double-Entry Bookkeeping: On First Principles, as Suggested by De Morgan; Practical
Piano Teaching: Its Principles and Problems
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge: Catalogue of Casts in the Museum of Classical Archaeology
A History of India Under the Two First Sovereigns of the House of Taimur, Baber and Humayun
Critical and Exegetical: Hand-Book to the Epistle to the Romans
Lexicon to the English Poetical Works of John Milton
The Stories of the Kings of Norway Called the Round of the World: Heimskringla
A Manual of Costume As: Illustrated by Monumental Brasses
A History of Northumberland: In Three Parts; Part II
Constitutional View of the Late War Between the States: Its Causes, Character, Conduct and Results; Presented in a Series of Colloquies at Liberty Hall
A Treasury of Illustration
Principles and Practice of Direct Advertising
Haiti: Its Dawn of Progress After Years in a Night of Revolution
The Alcotts as I Knew Them
The Poems of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Chapters on English: Re-Printed From "Progress in Language"
Leaves From Our Tuscan Kitchen: Or How to Cook Vegetables
Women in the Hunting Field
Half-Hour Lessons in Music: Class Work for Beginners at the Piano
Fishing in Eden, a Record of Fifty Years With Rod and Line in the Valleys of the Eden and Eamont: To Which Are Added Some Practical Notes on Flies and Tackle
A Scottish Fly-Fisher
The Friendly Stars: A New Edition of an Astronomical Classic
Desmond a Novel, in Two Volumes
Mazdaznan Encyclopedia of Dietetics and Home Cook Book: Cooked and Uncooked Foods, What to Eat and How to Eat It
Poems My Country Wild Eden the Players Elegy, the North Shore Watch, Odes and Sonnets
Memorials of a Warwickshire Family
Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the India Office: Containing Additional Descriptions and Indices
The Clinical Guide, or Pocket-Repertory for the Treatment of Acute and Chronic Diseases
History of Butler County, Pennsylvania: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers
Printing in Relation to Graphic Art
History of Burlington and Mercer Counties, New Jersey, With Biographical Sketches of Many of Their Pioneers and Prominent Men
The Banquet: Translated From the Greek of Plato
The Kiltartan Poetry Book: Prose Translations From the Irish
An Introduction to Logic: Designed for the Use of Younger Students
Some Account of the Family of the Armitages: From 1662 to the Present Time
The Message of Philo Judaeus of Alexandria
Angling in Salt Water: A Practical Work on Fishing With Rod and Line in the Sea, From the Shore, Piers, Jetties, Rocks, and From Boats, Together With Some Account of Hand-Lining
Child Psychology: Development in the First Four Years
The True History of Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Others: Deduced From a Review of the Bible, Also, Remarks on the Morals of the Old and New Testament, and Some of the Ancient Philosophers
The Fruit of the Spirit: Or the Christian Graces
The Sidereal Messenger of Galileo Galilei: And a Part of the Preface to Kepler's Dioptrics Containing the Original Account of Galileo's Astronomical Discoveries
The Stereoscope: Its History, Theory, and Construction, With Its Application to the Fine and Useful Arts and to Education
The Giddings Family: Or the Descendants of George Giddings, Who Came Form St. Albans, England, to Ipswich, Mass;, In 1635
Money and Foreign Exchange After 1914
Economical Cooking: Planned for Two or More Persons
A Diary of the Russian Revolution, 1918
A Grammar of the Japanese Written Language
Battle Studies: Ancient and Modern Battle
Astronomy and the Bible
Peasant Art in Italy
A History of Dental and Oral Science in America
The A B C of Stock Speculation
Eating for Health and Strength
Mrs. John G. Carlisle's Kentucky Cook Book: Containing Original Recipes
The Song Celestial: Or Bhagavad-Gi ta From the Prince Being a Discourse Between Arjuna, Prince of India, and the Supreme Being Under the Form
Macao: The Holy City; The Gem of the Orient Earth
On the Application of Machinery to the Manufacture of Rotating Chambered-Breech Fire-Arms, and Their Peculiarities
The Attractions of Poultney, Fair Haven, Castleton, Hydeville, Middletown and Wells, Vt; And Granville, N. Y., For Business, Health Pleasure
Hand Grenades: A Handbook on Rifle and Hand Grenades
Spirit, Soul, and Flesh: Historical and Linguistic Studies
The Cahokia Mounds: With 16 Plates; A Preliminary Paper
The Tarantas: Travelling Impressions of Young Russia
The Princess Tarakanova a Dark Chapter of Russian History: Translated Ated Prom Russian Russi I
Recollections of Egypt
What Sinn Fein Stands For: The Irish Republican Movement; Its History, Aims and Ideals, Examined as to Their Significance to the World
The Engineer's Sketch-Book of Mechanical Movements, Devices, Appliances
The Young Man and Civil Engineering
Musa Pedestris: Three Centuries of Canting Songs and Slang Rhymes, 1536-1896
Letters From Settlers Labouring Emigrants in the New Zealand Company's
Christian Directory, or a Body of Practical Divinity, and Cases of Conscience
The Works of Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte-Cristo, or the Adventures of Edmond Dantes
Historical Collections, the Fourth and Last Part: Containing the Principal Matters Which Happened From the Beginning of the Year 1645, to the Death of King Charles the First 1648
Wales Illustrated, in a Series of Views: Comprising the Picturesque Scenery, Towns, Castles, Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, Antiquities, &C
A Manual of Diseases of the Nervous System
Manual of Swedish Drill: For Teachers and Students
An Enquiry Into the Foundation and History of the Law of Nations in Europe, From the Time of the Greeks and Romans, to the Age of Grotius
Pansebeia, or a View of All the Religions in the World: With the Severall Church-Governments, From the Creation, to These Times; Also, a Discovery of All Known Heresies in All Ages and Places
Octave Chanute: Aviation Pioneer
Provisional Regulations for Saber Exercise: United States Army, 1907
An Essay on the Culture and Manufacture of Indigo: To Which Was Awarded the Prize of Eight Hundred Rupees by the Madras Government, 1860
The Starvation Treatment of Diabetes: With a Series of Graduated Diets as Used at the Massachusetts General Hospital
The Private Journal of a Journey From Boston to New York: In the Year 1704
A Dictionary of Miracles: Imitative, Realistic, and Dogmatic; With Illustrations
The Action of Light as a Therapeutic Agent: Motto: "Lux Vos Liberabit"
Sumerian Hymns: From Cuneiform Texts in the British Museum, Transliteration, Translation and Commentary
How Joy Was Found: A Fantasy
Plato and Christianity: Three Lectures
Three Bags of Gold: And Other Indian Folk Tales
Modern Industry: In Relation to the Family, Health Education, Morality
Miss. Julie and Other Plays
Spiritual Director and Physician, the Spiritual Treatment of Sufferers From Nerves and Scruples
Good Hunting: In Pursuit of Big Game in the West
The Feebly Inhibited, Nomadism, or the Wandering Impulse: With Special Reference to Heredity Inheritance of Temperament
How to Prepare a Case for Trial: A Brief Treatise Arranged on an Elementary Plan to Assist the Novice in the Preparation of the Most Difficult Lawsuit for Trial
Report and Map of the Improvements Proposed by the Essex Public Road Board, in Essex County, New Jersey
Letters on Yellow Fever, Cholera, and Quarantine: Addressed to the Legislature of the State of New York: With Additions and Notes
The Human Aura: A Study
The Baloch Race: A Historical and Ethnological Sketch
The Oracle of Yahveh: Urim and Thummim, the Ephod, the Breastplate of Judgment
Gildersleeves of Gildersleeve, Conn: And the Descendants of Philip Gildersleeve
The Use of Gold and Other Metals: Among the Ancient Inhabitants of Chiriqui, Isthmus of Darien
The Trees, Shrubs, and Plants of Virgil
Pictorial Effect in Photography: Being Hints on Composition and Chiaro-Oscuro for Photographers
First Greek Grammar
Washington Square Plays: 1, the Clod, by Lewis Beach, 2, Eugenically Speaking, by Edward Goodman, 3, Overtones, by Alice Gerstenberg, 4, Helena's Husband, by Philip Moeller
Elizabethan Drama and Its Mad Folk: The Harness Prize Essay
O-Kee-Pa: A Religious Ceremony: And Other Customs of the Mandans
Korea: The Mongol Invasions
International Trade: An Application of Economic Theory
Mathematical Elements of Natural Philosophy, Confirm'd by Experiments: Or an Introduction to Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy
An Introduction the Comparative Grammar, of Greek and Latin
India and Tiger-Hunting
Household Tales With Other Traditional: Remains, Collected in the Counties of York, Lincoln, Derby, and Nottingham
Angels Wings a Series of Essays on Art and Its Relation to Life
The Romans on the Riviera and the Rhone: A Sketch of the Conquest of Liguria and the Roman Province
Golden Book of Famous Women
Fencing Foil Class Work Illustrated
Census of India, 1901: Coorg; Report and Tables
Description of the Solar Compass: Together With Directions for Its Adjustment and Use
Description of the International Bridge: Constructed Over the Niagara River, Near Fort Erie, Canada, and Buffalo, U. S. Of America
First Days in Number: A Primer of Arithmetic
Echoes From the Gnosis: The Chaldaean Oracles
Eighteen Months a Prisoner Under the Rebel Flag: A Condensed Pen-Picture of Belle Isle, Danville, Andersonville, Charleston, Florence and Libby Prisons
Change Gear Devices: Showing the Development of the Screw Cutting Lathe and the Methods of Obtaining Various Pitches of Threads
Dangerous Structures: A Handbook for Practical Men
Social Zionism: Selected Essays
The Art of Accompanying
My Favorite Receipt
How to Train Dogs and Cats: Hints on Shooting and Hunting Game; Life Experience of Frederick H. Erb, Jr.
An Elementary Treatise on Trilinear Co-Ordinates: The Method of Reciprocal Polars, and the Theory of Projections
A Homiletic Commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes: With Critical and Explanatory Notes
The Theory of Proportion
An Architectural Handbook of Glastonbury Abbey: With a Historical Chronicle of the Building
The German Bundesrath: A Study in Comparative Constitutional Law
Miss. Lulu Bett, an American Comedy of Manners
The Satires of Dryden: Absalom and Achitopel, the Medal, Mac Flecknoe
Henri De Navarre of Queen Margot
The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife: A Comedy in Two Acts
The Lowrie History: As Acted in Part by Henry Berry Lowrie, the Great North Carolina Bandit, With Biographical Sketch of His Associates
The Early Annals of Kokstad and Griqualand East, 1902
Poet Lore: A Quarterly Magazine of Letters
Fusang or the Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist Priests in the Fifth Century
Worlds in the Making, the Evolution of the Universe
Historical Record of the Fifteenth, or the King's Regiment of Light Dragoons, Hussars: Containing an Account of the Formation of the Regiment in 1759, and of Its Subsequent Services to 1841
The Lyrical Poems of Dante Alighieri
Elements of Inductive Logic
Plain English: A Practical Work on the English Language for Use in Public and Private Schools, Academies, Commercial Colleges, and for Private Learners
My Empress: Twenty-Three Years of Intimate Life With the Empress of All the Russias From Her Marriage to the Day of Her Exile
Ten Thousand Miles in Persia: Or Eight Years in Iran
The Introduction to Hegel's Philosophy of Fine Art: Translated From the German With Notes and Prefatory Essay
The Industries of Louisville, Kentucky, and of New Albany, Indiana
The Country Justice: Containing the Practice, Duty and Power of the Justices of the Peace, as Well in as Out of Their Sessions
Pruning Fruit Trees: Before and After Severe Pruning to Rejuvenate a Neglected Tree
The Representation of New Netherland: Concerning Its Location, Productiveness and Poor Condition, Presented to the States General of the United Netherlands, and Printed at the Hague, in 1650
Twenty-Fifth Annual Report of the State Hospital for the Insane: S. E. District of Pennsylvania, Norristown, Pa;; For the Year Ending September 30, 1904
Color Harmony and Design in Dress
Principles of Eugenics: A Practical Treatise
Reminiscences of the Early History of Dark Hollow, Slocum Hollow, Harrison Lackawanna Iron Works, Scrantonia, and Scranton, Pa: Before the Lackawanna Institute of History and Science, November 9, 1886
A History of Newfoundland: From the English, Colonial, and Foreign Records
Peru: Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the Land of the Incas
Lectures on the Science of Human Life
Nathan Bailey's Dictionary; English-German and German-English: English-Deutsches Und Deutsch-Englisches Worterbuch; Deutsch Englisch
Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language, Explained in English: This Language Is Spoken by the Chippewa Indians, as Also by the Otawas, Potawatamis and Algonquins, With Little Difference
Charities and Philanthropies: Woman's Work in Utah
Architectural Illustrations and Description: Of the Cathedral Church at Durham
Military Engineering: Military Bridging General Principles and Materials
Insects, Injurious and Beneficial: Their Natural History and Classification
The Chronology of the Bible: Connected With Contemporaneous Events in the History of Babylonians, Assyrians, and Egyptians
Gustaf Froding: Selected Poems
Mechanical Devices in the Home
The Artist's Chromatic Hand-Book: Being a Practical Treatise on Pigments; Their Properties and Uses in Painting, to Which Is Added a Few Remarks on Vehicles and Varnishes
Irrigation Practice and Engineering
Alchemy, Its Science and Romance
The Boy Craftsman: Practical Ad Profitable Ideas for a Boy's Leisure Hours
A Practical Grammar of the Sanskrit Language: For the Use of Early Students
The Bible: I. Authenticity, II. Credibility, III. Morality
The Birch-Bark Roll of the Woodcraft Indians Containing Their Constitution, Laws, Games, and Deeds
New England Society of Vineland, New Jersey: Organized 1902; Constitution, Officers and Members, 1902 1906
A Molecular Complex Model for the Chemisorption of Hydrogen on a Nickel Surface
A Computer Program for Doing Tedious Algebra (Symb66)
The Rhode Island Signers of the Declaration of Independence: Stephen Hopkins, And, William Ellery
Basic Notions of Relativistic Hydromagnetics
Minimum Essentials in English: A Textbook for Grades From Seven to Twelve
Edvard Grieg
A Plea for the Faithful Restoration of Our Ancient Churches
A Discourse on the Religion of the Indian Tribes of North America: Delivered Before the New-York Historical Society, December 20, 1819
The Poems of Madame De La Mothe Guyon: Edited and Arranged With a Short Life
Monument to the Memory of Phineas Matthews: Poineer and Consorts, Mary Russel, Abigail Nobles, Chloe Sisson Case, Dedicated September 28th, 1916, at Cheshire, Ohio
Complete Course: Millwork Drafting
Homes of Character
The Advertising Book, 1916
The Spy of the Rebellion: Being a True History of the Spy System of the United States Army During the Late Rebellion
Reprint of Papers on Electrostatics: And Magnetism
The Eastern Question, in Its Various Phases: Egyptian, British, Russian, Ottoman, Hebrew, American, and Messianic
The New Book of the Horse
A Musical Biography, or Sketches of the Lives and Writings of Eminent Musical Characters: Interspersed With an Epitome of Interesting Musical Matter
My Friends, the Chinese
Recollections of a Foreign Minister (Memoirs of Alexander Iswolsky)
Laboratory Projects in Physics: A Manual of Practical Experiments for Beginners
Notes of a Tour in America: From August 7th to November 17th, 1877
Early Eastern Christianity: St. Margaret's Lectures 1904 on the Syriac-Speaking Church
Public Relations and the Police
Beethoven: A Critical Biography
The Lectures of Lola Montez: With a Full and Complete Autobiography of Her Life
English Prepositions
The Engines of the Human Body: Being the Substance of Christmas Lectures Given at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Christmas 1916-1917
The Church Hymnal: A Book of Hymns Adapted to the Use of the Church of England and Ireland
Recollections of a Private Soldier: In the Army of the Portomac
The Poems of Thomas Davis: With Notes, Historical Illustrations, Etc, and an Introduction, by John Mitchel
The Works of Edgar Allen Poe
Winter Evening Tales, Collected Among the Cottagers in the South of Scotland
Home Cookery in War-Time
History of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Maryland: Of the United Lutheran Church in America 1820-1920
The Durbar
The History of the Church Missionary Society
The Victoria History of the Counties of England: Kent
A Treatise on Hernia: With a New Process for Its Radical Cure, and Original Contributions to Operative Surgery, and New Surgical Instruments
Fairy Tales From the Harz Mountains
The Print Collector; An Introduction to the Knowledge Necessary for Forming a Collection of Ancient Prints
The Culture of Tobacco
The Soldier's Story of His Captivity at Andersonville, Belle Isle: And Other Rebel Prisons
The Organ in France: A Study of Its Mechanical Construction, Tonal Characteristics and Literature, With Suggestions for the Registration, of French Organ Music Upon American Instruments
The Directional Calculus: Based Upon the Methods of Hermann Grassmann
People of Finland in Archaic Times: Being Sketches of Them Given in Kalevala, and in Other National Works
The Tenants of Malory: A Novel
The Book of Fairy Poetry
Extra-Biblical Sources for Hebrew and Jewish History
Two Centuries of Soho: Its Institutions, Firms, and Amusements
The Way of a Trout With a Fly: And Some Further Studies in Minor Tactics
Eclipses, Past and Future: With General Hints for Observing the Heavens
Our Revolution: Essays on Working-Class and International Revolution, 1904-1917
A Family Prayer Book: Containing Forms of Morning and Evening Prayers
A Dictionary of Place-Names Giving Their Derivations
The Rocks of Deer Creek: Harford County, Maryland; Their Legends and History
Mind!: An Unique Review of Ancient and Modern Philosophy
Scottish Gaelic as a Specific Subject: Stage I
Democracy: At the Cross-Roads
Bells, Indicators, Telephones, Fire and Burglar Alarms, Etc
Accounting Theory and Practice: A Comprehensive Statement of Accounting, Principles and Methods, Illustrated, by Modern Forms and Problems
From Matter to Spirit: The Result of Ten Years' Experience in Spirit Manifestations; Intended as a Guide to Enquirers
The Mechanistic Conception of Life: Biological Essays
The Serpent Symbol, and the Worship of the Reciprocal Principles of Nature in America
Contemporary Portraits (Third Series)
Direct-Current Motor and Generator Troubles: Operation and Repair
The Story of Scottish Philosophy: A Compendium of Selections From the Writings of Nine Pre-Eminent Scottish Philosophers, With Biobibliographical Essays
History of Llangynwyd Parish
Measure for Measure: The Text of the Folio of 1623, With That of "the Law Against Lover," by Sir William D'avenant, 1622;; A Member of the Shakespeare Society of New York
Wadham College, Oxford, Its Foundation, Architecture and History: With an Account of the Family of Wadham and Their Seats in Somerset and Devon
Macaulay's and Carlyle's Essays on Samuel Johnson
An Unrecorded Chapter of the Indian Mutiny: Being the Personal Reminiscences
The Gospel History and Its Transmission
Siberian Pictures
Industrial Poisoning: From Fumes, Gases and Poisons of Manufacturing Processes
The Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero to Several of His Friends
Jurisprudence, Law and Ethics: Professional Ethics
The English in Ireland: In the Eighteenth Century
The Symbolical Language of Ancient Art and Mythology: An Inquiry
Analysis of the Principles of Rhetorical Delivery: As Applied in Reading and Speaking
The Origin of the Aryans: An Account of the Prehistoric, Ethnology and Civilisation of Europe
Structural Iron and Steel: A Text Book for Architects, Engineers, Builders, and Science Students, With Numerous Examples, Illustration, Diagrams, and Tables
Old Deep River
The Religions of Eastern Asia
Reminiscences of an Octogenarian in the Fields of Industrial and Social Reform
The Fifes in South Africa: Being a History of the Fife and Forfar Yeomanry in the South African War, 1900-1901
Spirit of Prayer
Water-Lilies and How to Grow Them: With Chapters on the Proper Making of Ponds and the Use of Accessory Plants
The Poems of William Wordsworth
Botany: Polypetalae, Gamopetalae
Selections From Byron: Childe Harold, Canto IV, the Prisoner of Chillon, Mazeppa, and Other Poems; Edited With Introduction and Notes
A Study in the History of the Eucharist
The "Red and White" Book of Menzies: The History of Clan Menzies and Its Chiefs
A Laboratory Manual in Physics: To Accompany Black and Davis' "Practical Physics for Secondary Schools"
Pear Culture for Profit
Facts About Southern Educational Progress
Breaking Into Print: An Editor's Advice on Writing
Essay on Barbers' Razors, Razor Hones, Razor Strops and Razor Honing: Illustrated
The Electro-Platers' Guide Or, Electro-Plating Made Easy: A Complete Manual of Instruction in the Art of Gold, Silver, Nickle, and Copper Plating
Dhar Mandu: A Sketch for the Sight-Seer
The American Watchmaker and Jeweler: A Full and Comprehensive Exposition of All the Latest and Most Approved Secrets of the Trade
The Frontier Forts Within the North and West Branches of the Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania: A Report of the State Commission Appointed to Mark the Forts Erected Against the Indians Prior to 1783
Food Values: October, 1917
All About Ferrets and Rats: A Complete History of Ferrets, Rats, and Rat Extermination From Personal Experiences and Study; Also a Practical Hand-Book on the Ferret
Primitive Christianity and Its Non-Jewish Sources
Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation: A Paper Found Among the Early Writings of George Washington
Lotze's Theory of Reality
The Negro in Maryland: A Study of the Institution of Slavery
Health and Disease, Their Determining Factors
The Gospel of St. Luke
A Summary Principles of the Law: Simple Contracts
A History of Yealmpton: Devonshire
American Woolen Company Mills
Characteristics in the Manner of Rochefoucault's Maxims
Pre-War Diplomacy: The Russo-Japanese Problem; Treaty Signed at Portsmouth, U. S. A. 1905
Some Engineering Problems of the Panama Canal in Their Relation to Geology
Notre Dame De Paris: A Short History Description of the Cathedral, With Some Account of the Churches Which Preceded It
The Innocents Abroad or the New Pilgrims Progress, Being Some Account of the Steamship Quaker City's, Pleasure Excursion to Europe and the Holy Land
Historical Memorials Relating to the Independents, or Congregationalists: From Their Rise to the Restoration of the Monarchy, A. D. M DC LX
History of the City of Nashua, N. H: From the Earliest Settlement of Old Dunstable to the Year 1895; With Biographical Sketches of Early Settlers, Their Descendants and Other Residents
History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France: From the Revolution in Great Britain and Ireland Under James II., To the Revolution in France Under Louis XVI
Glories of Mary
The History of Religions
The English Dialect Dictionary, Being the Complete Vocabulary of All Dialect Words Still in Use, or Known to Have Been in Use During the Last Two Hundred Years
Home Laundry Hints: A Book of Laundry Information for Housewives, Laundresses, Students in Domestic Science, and All Others Interested in the Best Laundry Work
Studies in the Anglo-Saxon Version of the Gospels: Part I: The Form of the Latin Original, and Mistaken Renderings
Early History of Maine Haven: Fair Haven, Lynden, Eden Lake and Paynesville
The Sawyer and Filers Friend: A Treatise on Hammering and Straightening Circular Long Saws Scientifically and Theoretically Explained; Showing the Latest Improved Methods, Illustrated
The Carpet Workroom: A Guide for Measuring, Cutting and Laying
Fights and Adventures With the Indians: Thrilling Stories of an American Scout on the Western Plains in the Old Days
The Tables of the Law: And the Adoration of the Magi
In Praise of Books: A Vade Mecum for Book-Lovers
In Love With Love: Four Life-Studies
The Guards Came Through: And Other Poems
The Consciousness of Communion With God a Study in the Psychology of Religion
Devereaux's Actual Measure System: The Science and Geometry of Dress
St. Cyprian on the Lord's Prayer: An English Translation, With Introduction
Centennial Discourse: Historical of the Town of Londonderry, N. H., And Its Presbyterian Church and Society (Founded April, 1719), Delivered Sabbath, July 2d, 1876
Centenary Sketch of William P. Chilton
Correspondence and Other Documents Relating to the Troubles in the Turkish Missions of the American Board, C. F. M
A Description of Vaux-Hall Gardens: Being a Proper Companion and Guide for All Who Visit That Place
Catalogue of the Relics, Souvenirs and Curios: Associated With the Pioneers of Utah
Butler Genealogy: Dedication of Monument to Deacon John Butler, First Settler of Pelham, at Pelham, June 9, 1886
The Woolworth Building by Day
A Manual of Essay-Writing
Designing Overcoat Patterns for Men and Young Men
The Influence of Christopher Marlowe on Shakspere's Earlier Style: Being the Harness Prize Essay for the Year 1885
The Law of Carriers of Passengers: Illustrated by Leading Cases and Notes
The Splendour of God: Being Extracts From the Sacred Writings of the Bahais
Bismarck and State Socialism: An Exposition of the Social and Economic Legislation of Germany Since 1870
The Wetmore Family of America, and Its Collateral Branches
The Miniature Fruit Garden: Or the Culture of Pyramidal and Bush Fruit Trees With Instructions for Root-Pruning &C. &C
The Life of Captain Sir Richd F. Burton, K. C. M. G., F. R. G. S: With Numerous Portraits, Illustrations, and Maps
The Republic of Republics: Or, American Federal Liberty
Georgius Agricola De Re Metallica Translated
Masks or Faces a Study in the Psychology of Acting
British Edible Fungi, How to Distinguish and How, to Cook Them: With Colo
Waverly Novels
Scenes From Italy's War
Chimneysmoke: Illustrated by Thomas Fogarty
Millennial Harp, or Second Advent Hymns: Designed for Meetings on the Second Coming of Christ
Shanghaied a Story of Adventure Off the California Coast
Cracow, the Royal Capital of Ancient Poland: Its History and Antiquities
Invention and Discovery
Notes of My Captivity in Russia: In the Years 1794, 1795, and 1796
Robin Goodfellow, and Other Fairy Plays for Children
Brunhild: A Tragedy From the Nibelung Saga
Helps in the Use of Good English: A Hand-Book for All Who Desire to Speak or Write Correct English
The Church and the Hour: Reflections of a Socialist Churchwoman
The Testing of Alternating Current Machines: In Laboratories and Test-Rooms; A Practical Work for Students and Engineers; General Tests; Transformers; Alternators
Our Trees: A Popular Account of the Trees in the Streets and Gardens of Salem, and of the Native Trees of Essex County, Massachusetts, With the Location of Trees, and Historical, and Botanical Notes
Fox Hunting in Delaware County, Pennsylvania: And Origin and History of the Rose Tree Fox Hunting Club
A Summary of the Law of Torts: Or, Wrongs Independent of Contract
The Life of Galileo Galilei: With Illustrations of the Advancement of Experimental Philosophy
A Treatise on Architecture and Building Construction
This Is Will County, Illinois: An Up-to-Date Historical Narrative With County and Township Maps and Many Unique Aerial Photographs of Cities, Towns, Villages and Farmsteads
Bengal Under the Muhammadans: Brief Notes on the Geography and History
Bermuda: Past and Present
Count Zinzendorf: And the Moravian and Indian Occupancy of the Wyoming Valley, (Pa);, 1742-1763
The Clayton Family
Angora Goats: The Wealth of the Wilderness
Angelo, Tyrant of Padua: Drama in Five Acts
The Art and Science of Stair Building
The Beginnings of History According to the Bible and the Traditions of Oriental Peoples: From the Creation of Man to the Deluge
Tourist Guide to the West Indies, Venezuela, Isthmus of Panama and Bermuda
Annals of Ulster: Otherwise, Annals of Senat; A Chronicale of Irish Affirs From A. D. 431, to A. D. 1540
Experiments in Psychical Research: At Leland Stanford Junior University
The Wheat Plant: A Monograph
The House of Gordon
Etchings of a Whaling Cruise: With Notes of a Sojourn on the Island of Zanzibar, and a Brief History of the Whale Fishery, in Its Past and Present Condition
Historical Memoirs of the House and Clan of Mackintosh: And of the Clan Chattan
Soils: Their Formation, Properties, Composition, and Relations to Climate and Plant Growth in the Humid and Arid Regions
Mirrors, Prisms, and Lenses: A Text-Book of Geometrical Optics
The Shell Book: A Popular Guide to a Knowledge of the Families of Living Mollusks, and an Aid to the Identification of Shells Native and Foreign
The Old Wives Tale, 1595
Annals of Pennsylvania: From the Discovery of the Delaware
The Laws of Algebra, an Elementary Course in Algebraic Theory
Truck Farming
The Culinary Handbook: The Most Complete and Serviceable Reference Book to Things Culinary Ever Published
The Theory of Public Speaking: An Address
A Primer of Essentials in Grammar and Rhetoric for Secondary Schools
The Country Dance Book: Containing Fifty-Two Country Dances From the English Dancing Master (1650-1728)
Journal of the Society of Motion Picture Engineers: July, 1935
How to Punch the Bag
Home Dressmaking Made Easy
Horace Greeley in 1872: His Political Position and Motives in the Late Presidential Contest
Lake Hopatcong the Beautiful: A Plea for Its Dedication as a Public Park and for Its Preservation as a Pleasure and Health Resort for the Benefit of All the People
The Ladder of Learning: To Be Ascended Early in Morning; Embellished With Numerous Neatly Coloured Engravings
How to Hatch, Brood, Feed and Prevent Chicks: From Dying in the Shell
Ashmore, Co. Dorset: A History of the Parish With Index to the Registers, 1651 to 1820
Kabbalah, the Harmony of Opposites: A Treatise Elucidating Bible Allegories and the Significance of Numbers
Memoirs of Samuel Hoare by His Daughter Sarah and His Widow Hannah: Also Some Letters From London During the Gordon Riots
St. Thomas, the Apostle, in India: An Investigation Based on the Latest Researches in Connection With the Time-Honoured Tradition Regarding the Martyrdom of St. Thomas in Southern India
Walt Whitman and Leaves of Grass: An Introduction
Personality and Conduct
The Occult Sciences: Sketches of the Traditions and Superstitions of Past Times, and the Marvels of the Present Day
Theosophy the Path of the Mystic; Links for Your Own Forging
Christian Hymns and Hymn Writers: A Course of Lectures
Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland: A Folklore Sketch; A Handbook of Irish Pre-Christian Traditions
Martin Luther and Other Essays
Historical Sketch of the Nugent Family
Europe and Beyond: A Preliminary Survey of World-Politics Politics in the Last Half-Century 1870-1920
Historical and Social Sketch of Craven County, So; Ca: From the April No; Of Southern Quarterly Review
Home Canning by the Cold Pack Method
Helium at Zero Temperature With Hard-Sphere and Other Forces
The High Peaks of the Adirondacks
French Conversations: Idiomatic Expressions and Proverbs
Historical Discourse on Boonton: Delivered Before the Citizens of Boonton, at Washington Hall, on the Evenings of September 21 and 28, and October 5, 1867
An Historical and Genealogical Account of the Bethunes of the Island of Sky
Lonely Lives: A Drama
The Hanging Garden: And Other Verse
Prayers of the Saints: Being a Manual of Devotions Compiled From the Supplications of the Holy Saints and Blessed Martyrs and Famous Men
The New Rhubarb Culture: A Complete Guide to Dark Forcing and Field Culture, How to Prepare and Use Rhubarb
A History of Bromley: In Kent, and the Surrounding Neighbourhood, Together With an Account of the Colleges, Their Founders, Benefactors, &C., Compiled From the Most Reliable Sources
The Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army
Keene and Vicinity, Its Points of Interest, and Its Representative Business Men, Embracing Keene, Hinsdale, Winchester, Marlboro, Walpole, Swanzey and Charlestown
The Oxford History of Music: The Age of Bach and Handel
History of the Christian Church: A. D. 1 600
Data Structure Choice Formal Differentiation Two Papers on Very High Level Program Optimization: Courant Computer Science Report #15
The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina: Compiled From English, Colonial and Family Records With Personal Reminiscences, Also Notes of Some Allied Families
The Putnam Lineage
Descendants of Edward Small of New England: And the Allied Families With Tracings of English Ancestry
Ethnographic Notes in Southern India: With 40 Plates
Practical Plant Propagation: An Exposition of the Art, and Science of Increasing, Plants as Practiced By, the Nurseryman, Florist and Gardener
British Dogs: Their Varieties, History, Characteristics, Breeding, Management and Exhibition, Illustrated With Portraits of Dogs of the Day
Sanitation in the Modern Home: A Suggestive Guide to the Architect and House Owner in Designing and Building a Residence Proving a Healthful, Comfortable and Convenient Home
A History and Defense of African Slavery
Extempore Speaking, for School and College
Lives of Illustrious Greeks: For Schools and Families
A Child's Bookshelf: Suggestions on Children's Reading, With an Annotated, List of Books on Heroism, Service, Patriotism, Friendliness, Joy and Beauty
Observations on Trance: Or, Human Hybernation
A Cyclopaedia of Six Thousand Pratical Receipts and Collateral Information in the Arts, Manufactures, and Trades, Including
The Furrier's Friend Adviser on Dressing and Tanning of Fur Skins and Hides
Slavery in Africa
The Family and Vicissitudes of John Phillips, Senior of Duxbury and Marshfield: A Vexatious in the Genealogy of an Old Colony Progenitor Disentangled
Leading Business Men of Back Bay, South End, Boston Highlands, Jamaica Plain and Dorchester
The Family Strawberry Patch and the Way to Make It a Success
The Book of American Negro Poetry: Chosen and Edited With an Essay on the Negro's Creative Genius
The Promulgation of Universal Peace
Reminiscences of an Intercourse With Mr. Niebuhr, the Historian, During a Residence With Him in Rome, in the Years 1822 and 1823
History of Ashford
Wilderness Homes a Book of the Log Cabin
Historical Sketch of the Jews, Since the Destruction of Jerusalem
Eastern Pacific Halibut Fishery, 1888-1966
Lao-Tzu: A Study in Chinese Philosophy
Euclid's Book on Divisions of Figures: With a Restoration Based on Woepcke's Text and on the Practica Geometriae of Leonardo Pisano
Alternating Currents of Electricity: And the Theory of Transformers
Buddhism in Southern Asia
An Experimental Study of Silent Thinking
Aviator's Elementary Handbook: A Primer of Aviation and Aeroplane Machines
Tea: Its Effects, Medicinal and Moral
Arctic: Or, the North Pole Expedition, in Three Acts
Shiloh as Seen by a Private Soldier: A Paper Read Before California Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, May 31, 1889
God: Outlines of the New Theology, Based on Facts, Science, Nature, Reason, Intuition, Revelation and Common Sense
History Story Legend of the Old King's Highway: Now the Richmond Road, Staten Island
Development of Three Dimensional Graphics Tools for the Display of a Simulation of Muscle Action and Blood Dynamics in the Heart
Life and Work in Middlebury, Vermont, of Emma Willard
The Limits of Artificial Intelligence
Lists of Manuscripts: Formerly Owned By, Dr. John Dee
Pennsylvania's Part in the Winning of the West: An Address Delivered Before the Pennsylvania Society of St. Louis, December 12, 1901
The Land of Living Color: A Pictorial Journey From the Storied Southwest Through the Gardens and Missions and Scenic Splendor of the Pacific Coast Country to the Eternal Snows of Alaska
Jousse's Musical Catechism: Improved, Revised and Corrected
The ABC of the Horse: How to Buy, How to Tell Age, Management, Fraudulent Practices, Ailments, Treatment, Etc., Etc
The Tale of Jolly Robin
Paracelsus of the Transmutation of Metals
Growth in Silence, the Undertone of Life
Bacteriology Applied to the Canning and Preserving of Food Products
The Water Highways of the Interior of Africa: With Notes on Slave Hunting and the Means of Its Suppression With Maps
A Mental Arithmetic: Designed for Use in Common Schools and Academies
Basic Research in Electromagnetic Theory: Final Report
The History of Herodotus: Translated Into English
Music as a Human Need: A Plea for Free National Instruction in Music
Hotep: A Dream of the Nile
Manual of Stories
The Practical Mystic or How to Make Perfection Appear
Sacred Books of the East: Translated by Various Oriental Scholars
The American Annual of Photography, 1922
Memoirs of the Duke of Marlborough: With His Original Correspondence, Collected From the Family Records at Blenheim, and Other Authentic Sources
Introduction to the Johannine Writings
The Spiritual Espousals: Translated From the Dutch, With an Introduction
Note on Crescas's Definition of Time
Bert's Treatise of Hawks and Hawking: For the First Time Reprinted From the Original of 1619
The Medieval Attitude Toward Astrology: Particularly in England
Basil Valentine, His Triumphant Chariot of Antimony: With Annotations
Formulae and Tables for the Calculation of Mutual and Self-Inductance
Liliecrona's Home: A Novel by Selma Lagerlof
Ryedale and North Yorkshire Antiquities
The Saga Library: The Story of Howard the Halt, the Story of the Banded Men, the Story of Hen Thorir, Done Into English Out of the Lcelandic
The Aseptic Treatment of Wounds
The Story of a Young Man: A Life of Chirst
Tippoo Tib: The Story of His Career in Central Africa Narrated From His Own Accounts
The Literature of the Second Century: Short Studies in Christian Edidences
Glove Lore
Francis and Riversdale Grenfell: A Memoir
Massilia-Carthago Sacrifice Tablets of the Worship of Baal: Reproduced in Facsimile, Edited, Translated, and Compared With the Levitical Code
The Journal of Major Richard Ferrier, M. P: While Travelling in France in the Year 1687, With a Brief Memoir of His Life
The Great Pyramid of Jizeh: The Plan and Object of Its Construction
A Guide to the Collections of the Horniman Museum and Library: Forest Hill, London, S. E
Gymnastics and Rope Climbing: How to Become an Expert in the Gymnasium
The Great Inquiry (Only Authorised Version): Faithfully Reported
The Iron Man in Industry: An Outline of the Social Significance of Automatic Machinery
Mechanical Drawing: Lettering, Materials and Methods
Stories and Interludes
The History of the Late War in Germany: Between the King of Prussia, and the Empress of Germany
Keynote Studies in Keynote Books of the Bible
The Pirates of Panama: Or the Buccaneers of America; A True Account of the Famous Adventures and Daring Deeds of Sir Henry Morgan and Other Notorious Freebooters of the Spanish Main
Pioneer History of Medina County
From Army Camps and Battlefields
The Mirage of Life
Engineering for Land Drainage: A Manual for Laying Out and Constructing Drains for the Improvement of Agricultural Lands
Principles of Electro-Medicine, Electrosurgery and Radiology: A Practical Treatise for Students and Practitioners, With Chapters on Mechanical Vibration and Blood Pressure Technique
New Conscience: And an Ancient Evil
Little Turtle (Me-She-Kin-No-Quah): The Great Chief of the Miami Indian Nation; Being a Sketch of His Life Together With That of Wm, Wells and Some Noted Descendants
Slavic and Latin: Ilchester Lectures on Comparative Lexicography, Delivered at the Taylor Institution, Oxford
History of the Munros of Fowlis: With Genealogies of the Principal Families of the Name: To Which Are Added Those of Lexington and New England
History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore
Design of Polyphase Generators and Motors
Marsh Genealogy: Giving Several Thousand Descendants of John Marsh of Hartford, Ct. 1636-1895; Also Including Some Account of English Marshes, and a Sketch of the Marsh Family Association of America
Bibliography of Oscar Wilde
The Geographical Distribution of Animals: With a Study of the Relations of Living and Extinct Faunas as Elucidating the Past Changes of the Earth's Surface
Literary Diary: January 1, 1782 May 6, 1795
Alexander the Great: The Merging of East and West in Universal History
Genealogy of the Descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick, of Salem, Mass: The Original Emigrants, and the Ancestors of the Families Who Have Since Borne His Name
Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania
Jottings: During the Cruise of H. M. S. Curacoa Among the South Sea Islands in 1865
Vital Records of Rhode Island, 1636-1850: First Series Births, Marriages and Deaths; A Family Register for the People
A Handbook of Attic Red-Figured Vases: Signed by or Attributed to the Various Masters of the Sixth and Fifth Centuries
Evolution of the Human Race From Apes and of Apes From Lower Animals: A Doctrine Unsanctioned by Science
How to Learn a Foreign Language: A Review of the Best Methods, Including the Latest Up to Date
Ruth St. Denis, Pioneer and Prophet: Being a History of Her Cycle of Oriental Dances; The Plates
Some Observations on the Study of the Secret Doctrine of H. P. Blavatsky
Vedanta Philosophy: Self-Knowledge (Atma-Jnana)
The Origin of the Bantu: A Preliminary Study
Smiths' Work: With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams
History of Bedford and Somerset Counties, Pennsylvania: With Genealogical and Personal History
Natural Dyes in the United States
The Scottish Tartans: With Historical Sketches of the Clans and Families of Scotland; The Badges and Arms of the Chiefs of the Clans and Families
Florida: A Report on Bad Rural Housing in All 67 Florida Counties
The Genitalia of the Group Geometridae of the Lepidoptera of the British Islands: An Account of the Morphology of the Male Clasping Organs and the Corresponding Organs of the Female
A Variational Calculation of the Scattering Cross Section for Nearly Zero Energy Electrons by Hydrogen Atoms
The Temple Dancer: Opera in One Act
The Tailors' Guide: Containing Systems of Draughting Frock and Sack Coats, Pants, Vests and Shirts; With Valuable Improvements, Warranted Superior to Anything Ever Offered to the Trade
Swimming: A Book Devoted to the Art of Swimming; The Breast Stroke on Land and Water; The Over-Hand Racing Stroke; Diving, Plunging, and Chapter on Training
Text Book on Sprinting
Trades' Unions and Strikes: Their Philosophy and Intention
The Violin: A Condensed History of the Violin, Its Perfection and Its Famous Makers, Importance of Bridge and Sound-Post Arrangement
Gumbo Ya-Ya
The Life and Letters of St. Francis Xavier
Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book: What to Do and What Not to Do in Cooking
An English Translation of the Sushruta Samhita, Based on Original Sanskrit Text: Sutrasthanam
The Penn Family
The Preacher's Manual, or Lectures on Preaching: Containing All the Rules and Examples Necessary for Every Species of Pulpit Address
The Catholic Girl's Guide: Counsels and Devotions for Girls in the Ordinary Walks of Life, and in Particular for the Children of Mary
Question, Did Sir Francis Drake Land on Any Part of the Oregon Coast?
La Perichole: (The Street Singer): A Comic Opera in Four Acts
The Effects of Radio-Active Ores and Residues on Plant Life
Old-Time Nautical Instruments
Expansion of Races
Early Chinese History: Are the Chinese Classics Forged?
Old Man River: Upper Mississippi River Steamboating Days Stories, Tales of the Old Time Steamboats and Steamboatmen
A Genealogical Memoir of the Chase Family of Chesham, Bucks, in England: And of Hampton and Newbury in New England, With Notices of Some of Their Descendants
The Silent Prince a Story of the Netherlands
Greek Lives From Plutarch
History of the Saracens: Comprising the Lives of Mohammed and His Successors, to the Death of Abdalmelik, the Eleventh Caliph
Direct-and Alternating-Current Machine Design Being Instructions for the Design of Motors and Generators
The Dynasty of Theodosius: Or Eighty Years Struggle With the Barbarians
Origin of the Ransfords: From the Baronial Settlement in Normandy Circa 900 to the Baronial Settlement in England Temp; Doomsday (1086), And Their Immediate Descendants
Ingomar, the Barbarian: A Play in Five Acts
The National Road: Most Historic Thoroughfare in the United States, and Strategic Eastern Link in the National Old Trails Ocean-to-Ocean Highway
New Teacher of Ladies' Home Tailoring
Genealogy of That Portion of the Galt Family: Descended From James Galt of the Fourth Generation in America
Manhattan: Henry Hudson
Robotics Research Technical Report: Operating Systems for Robot Control
Thoughts From Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Ancient Babylonia: Map
George Morton: Of Plymouth Colony and Some of His Descendants
Old Streets, Roads, Lanes, Piers and Wharves of New York: Showing the Former and Present Names; Together With a List of Alterations of Streets, Either by Extending, Widening, Narrowing or Closing
The Theory of Development
The Improvement of Speed and Accuracy in Typewriting
Wiring Diagrams of Electrical Apparatus and Installations
A Second Look at America
Potter's Cyclopedia of Botanical Drugs and Preparations
The Rhetoric of Aristotle: A Translation
Statistical Reports: No; 1. 656 Cases of Gunshot Wound of the Head
Researches Into Chinese Superstitions: First Part, Superstitious Practices, Profusely Illustrated
Oak Oaks Oakes: Family Register Nathaniel Oak of Marlborough, Mass;, And Three Generations of His Descendants in Both Male and Female Lines
On the Expediency of Shipbuilding at Bombay: For the Service of His Majesty, and of the East India Company
Mrs. Goose, Her Book
My Abyssinian Journey: A Journey Through Abyssinia From the Red Sea to Nairobi in in the Days of Emperor Menelik
Mount McKinley, Its Bearing on the Polar Controversy: A Brief Review of Attempts Successful and Otherwise to Reach the Top of the Continent and a Few Logical Deductions Therefrom
The Mother and the Child
The Mosaical Account of Creation: From a Strictly Scientific Standpoint
The Official Program of the Old Home Week, Providence, July 28-August 3, 1907: Including Handy Guide to Providence, and Map of the Central District
The Great Cultures of the Isle of Java
Hand-Book of Map Drawing: Adopted Especially to the Maps in Mitchell's New Series of School Geographies
How Paper Is Made: A Primer of Information About the Materials and Processes of Manufacturing Paper for Printing and Writing
The Buried Cities of Ceylon: A Guide Book to Anuradhapura and Polonaruwa With Chapters on Dambulla, Kalavewa, Mihintale, and Sigiri
History With a Match: Being an Account of the Earliest Navigators and the Discovery of America
Guide to Needlework: Containing Explicit Instructions for Every Kind of Stitch, in Plain and Fancy Needlework
The Unreached Indian: A Treatise on Indian Life and Indian Missions
Manual of Explosives: A Brief Guide for the Use of Miners and Quarrymen
Catalogue of the Collection of Antique Gems: Sassanian Oriental Mesopotamian Babylonian Assyrian Persian Hittite Cyprian Cilician Mediaeval Modern
Dynamo Laboratory Outlines for Students in Electrical Engineering
The Complete Poetical Works of William Gay
Robin Hood, the Outlaw
The Complete Works of Hannah More
Teenie Weenie Neighbors
Beginner's Guide to Photography: Showing How to Buy a Camera and How to Use It
About Perak
Cacao Culture in the West Indies
Mare Liberum: The Freedom of the Seas
Catalogue of an Important Collection of Antique Historical Lamps, Candlesticks, Lanterns, Relics, Etc
Guide to Experiments in Progress: County Demonstration Farm, Cockle Park, Near Morpeth, Season 1903
Physics by Experiment: An Elementary Text-Book for the Use of Schools
A Practical Manual of Autogenous Welding (Oxy-Acetylene): With a Chapter on the Cutting of Metals With the Blowpipe
Then Mummy: A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century
Everyman's Library: Travel Topography; Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria
Practical Blacksmithing: A Collection of Articles Contributed at Different Times by Skilled Workmen to the Columns of the Blacksmith and Wheelwright
Irish Gardening: A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Advancement of Horticulture and Arboriculture in Ireland; January to December, 1921
The Physiology of Faith and Fear: Or the Mind in Health and Disease
Principles of Biochemistry: For Students of Medicine, Agriculture and Related Sciences
A System of Biblical Psychology
Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars 1861-1865
The Cathedral Builders: The Story of a Great Masonic Guild
A History of the Inquisition of Spain
The Preservation of Food: From the "Aus Der Natur" Of Abel
The Cherry: Together With Reports and Papers on Pear, Plum, Peach, Grape, and Small Fruit
The A B C of Photo-Micrography: A Practical Hand-Book for Beginners
The Problem of Deuteronomy
The Wonderland of India
Profit and Pleasure in Goat-Keeping: A Practical Conservative Treatise Presenting in Concrete Form the Advantages of the Modern Milch Goat, the Various Breeds, Their Care and Management
Specimens of Book Types and of Printing and Bookbinding
How to Photograph Microscopic Objects: Or Lessons in Photo-Micrography for Beginners
Letters of an Altrurian Traveller
How to Umpire: Including "Knotty Problems"
Refraction: Including Muscle Imbalance and Adjustment of Glasses
The Lighthouse Work of Sir James Chance, Baronet
Sally Cary: A Long Hidden Romance of Washington's Life
The United States Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia
Jiu-Jitsu Combat Tricks: Japanese Feats of Attack and Defence in Personal Encounter
Neither Bond Nor Free: A Plea
Tohfut-Ul-Mujahideen: An Historical Work in the Arabic Language, Translated Into English
Source Material for the Social and Ceremonial Life of the Choctaw Indians
Strange Things Among Us
Ancient History of the East: History of the Greeks; History of the Romans
The Municipal Parks, Gardens, and Open Spaces of London: Their History and Associations
Celtic Researches, on the Origin, Traditions Language, of the Ancient Britons: With Some Introductory Sketches, on Primitive Society
What Is Philosophy
The Roman History of Ammianus Marcellinus: During the Reigns of the Emperors Constantius, Julian, Jovianus, Valentinian, and Valens
The Devil: A Lecture
Materialism: Ancient and Modern
Photograms of the Year 1919: The Annual Review of the World's Pictorial Photographic Work
Elements of the Electromagnetic Theory of Light
A Latin Primer
H. P. Blavatsky: Her Life and Work for Humanity
The Tragedy of Anne Boleyn: A Drama in Cipher Found in the Works of Sir Francis Bacon
The Tragedy of Man: Dramatic Poem
White Magic: The Story of Maskelynes
The Life of Jesus Christ: In Its Historical Connexion and Historical Development
Bamboo Work
Japanese Goldfish: Their Varieties and Cultivation; A Practical Guide to the Japanese Methods of Goldfish Culture, for Amateurs and Professionals
Moltke's Military Correspondence, 1870-71: Published by the Prussian General Staff Department for Military History; First Section, the War to the Battle of Sedan
Nine Motorboats and How to Build Them: A Book of Complete Building Plans and Instruction, Which Contains All Necessary Information for the Amateur Who Wants to Build His Own Boat
Nature Worship: An Account of Phallic Faiths and Practices, Ancient and Modern; Including the Adoration of the Male and Female Powers in Various Nations and the Sacti Puja of Indian Gnosticism
A Treatise on Mathematical Instruments: Including Most of the Instruments Employed in Drawing
Rocks and Rock Minerals: A Manual of the Elements of Petrology Without the Use of the Microscope, for the Geologist, Engineer, Miner, Architect, Etc;, And for Instruction in Colleges and Schools
The Annals of Tacitus, 1904
The Foundations of Mormonism: A Study of the Fundamental Facts in the History and Doctrines of the Mormons From Original Sources
The Practical Works of the Reverend Ralph Erskine, A. M: Consisting of His Sermons and Poems
Tahiti: Without the Gospel
Glass Manufacture
Repertory of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica, Ecetera
A Companion to the Greek Testament and the English Version
The Principles Underlying Radio Communication
The History of Initiation, in Twelve Lectures: Comprising Detailed Account of the Rites and Ceremonies, Doctrines and Discipline of All the Secret and Mysterious Institutions of the Ancient World
Reminiscences of Col. John Ketcham: Of Monroe County, Indiana
Mysticism: A Study the Nature and Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness
Swollen-Headed William: After the German
A Study of Mine Surveying Methods: And Their Applications to Mining Engineering
Resume of Operations Against Apache Indians: 1882 to 1886
Antiquities of the St. Francis, White, and Black Rivers, Arkansas: Part I. St. Francis River; Part II. White, and Black Rivers
A Reform for the Civil Service
Revised and Enlarged Edition of Exercises in the Yokohama Dialect: Twenty Second Thousandth
Records of Captain John Hall: Born May 27, 1723, Died Aug, 6, 1777, in the Defense of His Country, With Some Account of His Ancestors and Descendants
Stochastic Models for Many-Body Systems: II. Finite Systems and Statistical Non-Equilibrium
Rev. William Blackstone: The Pioneer of Boston
The Ministry of Beauty
The Ecology of Southern California Coastal Salt Marshes: A Community Profile
Ailred of Rievaulx and His Biographer Walter Daniel
Court Masques of James I: Their Influence on Shakespeare and the Public Theatres; A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate College of the University of Nebraska
A Brief History of Springville, Utah: From Its First Settlement, September 18, 1850, to the 18th Day of September, 1900; Fifty Years
The Light of the World: A Brief Comparative Study of Christianity and Non-Christian Religions
The New Nation, 1909: A Survey of the Condition and Prospects of South Africa
The Pharaohs and Their People: Scenes of Old Egyptian Life and History
Horae AEgyptiacae: Or, the Chronology of Ancient Egypt Discovered From Astronomical and Hieroglyphic Records Upon Its Monuments
Mind in Animals
A History of Civilization in Ancient India: Based on Sanscrit Literature
Thanatopsis, Sella, and Other Poems
The Collected Works in Verse and Prose of William Butler Yeats: The Countess Cathleen; The Land of Heart's Desire; The Unicorn From the Stars
Special Reports on the Mineral Resources of Great Britain: Lead and Zinc Ores in the Pre-Carboniferous Rocks of West Shropshire and North Wales
A German Reader for Beginners: With Notes and Vocabulary, and the Essentials of Grammar
Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the Proceedings in Certain Societies in London, Relative to That Event: In a Letter Intended to Have Been Sent to a Gentleman in Paris
The Best of H. T. Webster: A Memorial Collection
Entire Sanctification, or Christian Perfection: Stated and Defended
Cosmos: A Survey of the General Physical History of the Universe
Names of Persons Who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania, Between the Years 1777 and 1789, With a History of the "Test Laws" Of Pennsylvania
Negation in English and Other Languages
The Conscious Lovers: A Comedy, as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane, by His Majesty's Servants
The Tercentenary Dedicatory Volume of the Tupper Family Association of America, Incorporated: Compiled by the Executive Committee
Workshop Mathematics
North American
History of the Clan Donald: The Families of Macdonald, McDonald and McDonnell
Elementary Biology: Plant, Animal, Human
Manganese: Uses, Preparation, Mining Costs and the Production of Ferro-Alloys
Rational Sex Ethics: A Physiological and Psychological Study of the Sex Lives of Normal Men and Women, With Suggestions for a Rational Sex Hygiene With Reference to Actual Case Histories
Cathedrals and Cloisters of Northern France
Cook Book 365
Select Treatises of St. Athanasius in Controversy With the Arians: Freely Translated
Lectures on the Fourteenth Article of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States: Delivered Before the Dwight Alumni Association, New York, April-May, 1898
Fasti Sacri: Or a Key to the Chronology of the New Testament
Duelling Stories of the Sixteenth Century
The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven
Behemont, a Legend of Mound-Builders
Milton Areopagitica: Edited With Introduction and Notes

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